Our equipment

  • FSL is equipped with micro-machining machine with ultrashort pulsed femtosecond laser (20W and 40?J impulse). Our positioning systems allows us to work down to 10?m precision absolute positioning and relative positioning 4?m.
  • Our system allows to manipulate parts in 2.5D with our 3D micromachining head.  
  • The advantage of ultrashort pulsed laseris "no heat-affected zone", which allows a very precise machining of heat sensitive materials.
  • The ultrashort pulsed femtosecond laser allows micromachining of all materials, both metallic and polymer.
  • We mainly work with Dxf files
  • We micro-machine parts whose dimensions can go up to 400mm by 400mm.
Femto Laser Services
Rue de Tilleur, 23

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