Our company, expert in femto laser micro-machining

FLS is the ideal partner for the rapid production, prototyping and volume production of high quality parts for demanding applications.

FLS provides flexible and responsive services that allow customers to access the latest methods of laser micromachining and gain a competitive advantage in precision engineering and in microtechnology .

We can machine very accurately most of the materials and complex shapes in 2D and 3D. Thanks to the precision of our lasers, but also our positioning and high precision movement, we deliver machined parts in a few days .

Some clients would work with FLS to develop their process or establish the feasibility of it before investing in a machine. Others would use FSL for small production runs or prototypes. Other customers would work with us for flexibility or insufficient volumes to justify investment in machinery. Finally some customers decided to outsource their production of laser micro- machining precision , temporarily or permanently to FLS.

We also host and maintain your machine, we will work then with your application with our staff specialized in laser micromachining.

We are active in the areas of biotechnology, medical , solar , sensors , micro - electronic , precision engineering , photonics and energy .

Femto Laser Services
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